CytoScan® Optima Suite

Robust and streamlined analysis of prenatal and miscarriage samples for the reliable detection of chromosomal abnormalities, submicroscopic aberrations, loss/absence of heterozygosity (LOH/AOH), uniparental disomy (UPD), and mosaics.

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Approximately 50% of miscarriages are caused by chromosomal abnormalities. Traditional cytogenetic techniques such as karyotyping and FISH are limited by cell culture failure and usually lack the appropriate sensitivity.

CytoScan® Optima Suite has been designed with input from the cytogenetics community worldwide and empirically optimized from CytoScan® HD Suite. CytoScan® Optima Array offers whole-genome coverage for accurate detection of chromosomal abnormalities with increased probe coverage targeting 396 relevant regions for prenatal and miscarriage applications.

CytoScan Optima Suite includes arrays, reagents, and easy-to-use data analysis software for a cost-effective and streamlined analysis of your prenatal and product of conception (POC) samples.

CytoScan Optima Suite provides

Whole-genome coverage and higher resolution in key genetic regions to enable the detection of the following:

Whole-chromosome aneuploidies and submicroscopic gains and losses. This POC sample shows a 46 MB duplication in blue followed by a submicroscopic 2.2 MB deletion in red.

Whole-chromosome aneuploidies and submicroscopic gains and losses

LOH/AOH. This sample shows three confirmed purple LOH/AOH segments of different sizes and locations.

Triploidy and maternal cell contamination.
This whole-genome view shows four lines in the allelic difference track concordant with a triploidy in this first trimester POC sample.

Triploidy and maternal cell contamination
Low-level mosaicism

Low-level mosaicism. An increase in the signal in chromosome 2 shows a ~20% mosaic trisomy in this chorionic villi (CVS) sample.

Arrays and an optimized reagent kit for streamlined workflow

Optima Kit contains the arrays and all the reagents (including the Taq polymerase) required to perform the CytoScan® Optima assay. Results can be obtained in as few as 2.5 days. The protocol also contains stopping points to accommodate your schedule.

Arrays and an optimized reagent kit for streamlined workflow

An intuitive and flexible workflow for accurate analysis

Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) was developed with input from leading experts and enables you to easily view and summarize chromosomal aberrations across the genome. ChAS also includes

  • A database to store your data
  • Trio tool analysis
  • Flexible reporting tools
  • Updated external annotations
  • A built-in reference from CVS, amniocytes, cultured cells, POC, and blood samples
An intuitive and flexible workflow for accurate analysis

The software is available free of charge as part of CytoScan® Optima Suite.

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