Thermo Fisher Scientific provides innovative Affymetrix™ products, tools, and resources that help advance the work of researchers via microarray analysis. Application areas that benefit from such an approach include plant and animal genomics and transcriptomics, including basic research and industrial application of technologies for breeding, population diversity and conservation, trait analysis, and more. Unique solutions are also available for cancer research from discovery to clinical research and validation, such as cytogenetics research of constitutional and cancer disorders. The genetics of human complex traits, Mendelian disorders, and populations are also application arrays that can be advanced with Affymetrix microarray analysis, such as through population-optimized and application-optimized genotyping to enable human genetic research workflows.
20 years of dedication has made us what we are today, one of the forerunners in the Indian diagnostics industry. We at Agappe are a fast-growing in vitro diagnostics company working with over 300 distributors, and a significant OEM business in domestic and international markets.
Our offers are professionals seed, plant breeders, and diagnostic laboratories and plant research. We work closely with stakeholders from various sectors (ornamental, vegetable, potatoes and fruit) to help control plant pathogens and help to create new varieties and quality control of production batches. Our solutions detection of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are intended mainly for their seed companies who use part of their research programs and for production quality control. Our mission is to contribute to the achievement of quality products and superior returns and the creation of new varieties by delivering reliable and innovative tools for the diagnosis of plant diseases control and detection of transgenic traits.
Agrisera is a Swedish company which supplies most comprehensive plant and algal antibody collection.  All our antibodies are carefully validated by our own testing laboratory or in collaboration with scientist in the field.   
HANGZHOU ALLTEST BIOTECH CO.,LTD has a solid foundation with top-notch industry professionals, having proven expertise in innovation management including new introductions, be it a product or be it industry transforming process developments. We have been witness to as well as been part of core teams that have been responsible for transformations, which are critical to today‘s Rapid Tests as well as POCT business.
Artron BioResearch Inc is a technology-based manufacturer specialized in the development and large-scale production of antibodies and antigens. Employing the best practices in the development of rapid diagnostic technology has given the company invaluable hands-on expertise to provide our clients the best matched pairs of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant antigens in the industry. Our high specificity active antigens are ready for direct use in lateral flow, chemiluminescence, ELISA tests, and research-based immunoassays, to name a few.
Autobio was established in 1999, and has become one of the largest and fastest growing clinical diagnostic companies in China. We are specialized in research & development, production and distribution of clinical diagnostic products mainly focussed on CLIA, ELISA, microbiology products and Rapid Test Strips/devices as well as laboratory instrumentation. Also see Autobio Labtec (
AXA Diagnostics has been an operative company since 2009; among its goals the main one is to facilitate the work of laboratory specialists by offering them a wide range of products, systems and services as an aid for the diagnosis of several diseases.
BioGenex was incorporated in the year 1981 with the purpose of bringing affordable healthcare solutions for improved wellness of humanity. Today, BioGenex is a technology leader in Molecular Pathology and provides total solution for the complete automation of cell and tissue testing. Through its cutting-edge and patented technologies, it enables disease diagnosis at molecular level. Diagnosis at the molecular level (primarily targeting DNA, RNA and protein), affords early and preventive diagnosis of genetic and infectious diseases.
Our product provides a highly accurate HIV test result in as little as 60 seconds which translates into a compelling value proposition for patients, healthcare professionals, payers and public health organizations. We have an active R&D program and our pipeline includes INSTI™ tests for diseases such as Hepatitis C and Syphilis. The company also provides contract services to adapt the INSTI™ platform to meet custom functional and technical diagnostic testing requirements. Our vision is to be a global leader in the research, development and commercialization of rapid, point-of-care in vitro medical diagnostic devices.
In 1988 Biomedica started its own R&D program, and is now producing a range of innovative immunoassays for cardiovascular investigations and bone metabolism. A worldwide distribution network has been established for this line.
Cedarlane specializes in providing high quality research reagents to the life science community. Cedarlane is pleased to offer the Canadian research community one of the most extensive product listings in the World. Through Cedarlane you have access to over over 1400 industry-leading global life science suppliers which manufacture products for all areas of research.
Our primary aim at CellPath is to provide a first class service by delivering high quality histology and cytology consumables. This is achieved by continuous improvement of our processes, internal audits and monitoring of all complaints, comments and suggestions received from our internal and external customers. CellPath is currently accredited to ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008. We are now working towards accreditation of ISO 14001:2004 which we expect to complete by December 2014.
Cancer Genetics Italia S.r.l. (Italia) was founded in 2009 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cancer Genetics Inc. (CGI), which is located in Rutherford, New Jersey (U.S.A.). CGI’s affiliation with major cancer centers, such as the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the National Cancer Institute, and the Mayo Clinic, along with the firm’s foundation in world-class scientific Knowledge has enabled CGI to develop strong intellectual properties (IP) in solid and blood-borne cancers. It is from this foundation that CGI Italia draws its ability to design and manufacture proprietary DNA-FISH Probes. Our DNA-FISH Probes detect a range of genetic aberrations such as translocations and copy number changes and are IP protected.
Cytognos was founded in 1996 within the Haematology Department of the University of Salamanca. Our company was first established in Spain and nowadays has a healthy presence in international markets. In 1999 Cytognos joined the Vitro Group, one of the biggest diagnostic companies in Spain. In 2006 Cytognos entered the EuroFlow™ consortium and started developing innovative software for flow cytometry data analysis. In 2009 Seguranza Fund managed by Clave Mayor came into the company. At the moment we have 30 highly qualified people working at Cytognos. Our R&D department plays a vital role in gathering knowledge and expertise in both reagent and software development. Our product specialist team is highly trained in flow cytometry techniques and currently gives support to customers and distributors in more than 32 countries worldwide.
TransFix® was developed by medical scientists from UK NEQAS (part of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), out of the requirement to produce stabilised blood samples that could be used in External Quality Assurance programs for flow cytometry. TransFix has been in circulation in the research world since 1999. In 2005 the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust licensed TransFix to Cytomark making it readily available to the clinical and scientific world.
DB Biotech is focused on the design and production of high quality rabbit clonal antibodies developed by a novel and proprietary in-vitro cloning technology which has been developed and perfected by the DBB scientific team over a period of 20 years. DB Biotech monospecific clonal antibodies are uniquely characterized by exceptional specificity, affinity and avidity.
Demeditec Diagnostics is a supplier for diagnostic testkits to be used in the clinical laboratory and in research labs as well. The technology of our testkits covers radioactive (RIAs) and non-radioactive (ELISA, PCR, rapid tests) origin. Most of our testkits are designed to be used for samples like blood, serum, plasma, and urine. Since 2006 we also are offering saliva tests in ELISA format for the measurement of free steroids and other salivary analytes.
DRG International, Inc. is a leading specialty medical diagnostics and equipment manufacturer, and distributor with operations in more than 110 countries. Founded in 1970, DRG International provides a complete range of products and services to the diagnostics and cardiology-related medical community. DRG International’s global headquarters is based in Mountainside, New Jersey.
Now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the eBioscience portfolio contains comprehensive, innovative and trusted fluorochrome conjugated antibodies and reagents for immunology, oncology, and multicolor flow cytometry, as well as highly-validated ELISA and multiplex immunoassay kits, recombinant proteins, and general-purpose lab reagents for complete biological system analysis.
EDAN Instruments GmbH was established on May 6th, 2014 as one of branch offices of EDAN Instrument, INC. Among its main activities are after sale service solution and products’ training/education for European distributors.
EntroGen is a Los Angeles-based biotechnology company with a primary focus on molecular diagnostics in the areas of hematology and oncology. EntroGen has a growing commercial portfolio of real-time PCR-based tests, with many of its products being used to guide and monitor targeted therapies for various malignancies. Through a network of distributors, EntroGen’s footprint reaches every corner of the globe to deliver reliable and innovative tools to researchers and clinicians.
EuroBioSciences GmbH Altenoyther Strasse 10 D-26169 Friesoythe Germany Phone: +49 (0)4491 93 87 804 Fax: +49 (0)4491 93 87 805
EXBIO manufactures and supplies antibodies for world-wide distribution. Sales on an OEM basis and in bulk quantity is the core business activity of the company. Strong Research & Development (hybridoma technology, construction of recombinant proteins and antibodies) in co-operation with academic institutions ensures the continuous addition of important new products.
Genekam Biotechnology AG was found in 1999. It started offering DNA-Tests in 2001. From 2004, it started development of PCR kits exporting to 5 countries, today (2014) it exports to 70 countries in the world. Genekam covers different targets like Influenza viruses, Flaviviruses, Herpes viruses, Mycobacterium, Tick borne pathogens, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Cancer, food pathogens like Salmonella, food adulteration etc. From 2005, it starts doing research in field of stem cell as well as flow cytometry applications. Not only this, it has developed very simple way of isolation of mononuclear cell cells from blood, which generates much great number of cells against density gradient method. Now it is doing research to develop clinical nanotechnological solutions for better health.
Genemed provides cancer and infectious disease diagnostic reagents for Immunohistochemistry and In-Situ Hybridization applications. We create smarter and user-friendly diagnostic tools and solutions by applying our expertise in product design and manufacturing processes. Genemed strives to go above and beyond to meet every customer need with our personalized service. We are passionate at applying innovative technology and breakthrough scientific discoveries to improve product quality and reliability which ensure accurate diagnoses and enhanced patient care.
Immundiagnostik AG, Bensheim, Germany, specialises in developing and producing innovative parameters and detection methods for use in laboratories and in medical research. Our main focus is the development of immunological methods for servicing unmet specialised demands of laboratory diagnosis. We concentrate on the development and production of laboratory diagnostics -for the identification of disease potential, -for differential diagnosis and -for therapeutic drug monitoring. Our portfolio consists of Immunoassays (ELISA, RIA), HPLC tests, gene-based diagnostic tests (PCR), photometric tests. ur product range is completed by mono- and polyclonal antibodies, research reagents, and custom analysis.
Immunospec Corporation is one of the worldwide leading providers of highest quality Immunodiagnostic products for diagnostic and research use.We offer our extensive product portfolio to hospitals, clinical laboratories, private institutions, academic, research and worldwide distributors.
Immunostep is a Biotech company focused in the proteomic area that researches, develops, produces and sells reagents and technologies both for research and diagnostics based on techniques such as Flow Cytometry, Proteomic Arrays or Multiplex Technology. Immunostep scientific team has extensive expertise in monoclonal and policlonal antibody development (mouse, rabbit and chicken), as well as in the product quality control for research and diagnosis. Our product areas include human and mouse cell immunophenotyping, human recombinant proteins, apoptosis, cytokines and growth factors, cell-cycle analysis, detection and quantification proteins.
ZJ Bio-tech is an innovative and continuously developing molecular diagnostic company, who completely focuses on developing, manufacturing and sales of high-qualified real time PCR diagnostic reagents and DNA/RNA extraction reagent/instrument. ZJ’s products are ISO 9001&ISO 13485 certified and CE marked. Total deeply understanding of needs from customers both in clinic and research and providing the innovative products and service with cutting-edge molecular diagnostic technologies impel ZJ to grow fast and continuously in the life science technology field.
MD Biosciences is a niche preclinical research group working with biopharmaceutical and medical device companies. Our core therapeutic areas are inflammation, CNS, pain and cardiovascular with an emphasis on the interplay between these systems.
For long Molecular Diagnostics has been the domain of large central laboratories requiring patients and samples to travel long distances for a test to be conducted. These pose several logistic and technical challenges leading to increased costs and delayed results. The veracity of such results and impact of such intervention in treatment outcome have always been questionable. This has led to a poor uptake of such reliable and cutting edge technologies that have potential to save millions of lives, mitigate sufferings and reduce disease burden and anti-microbial resistance. The lack of timely access to good diagnostics has been the bane of health care needs, particularly of the Low and Middle Income Countries.
MONOSAN®, the brand name of Sanbio B.V. is a product line with commercially available antibodies and established in 1978. Monosan contains over 3000 monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and reagents which are being developed and commercialized either in our own laboratories or in collaboration with some of the leading universities and research institutes throughout Europe.
Nano Diagnostics, Inc. (NANOD, Inc.) was established in 2004, with a mission to be a leading provider of quality diagnostic products at affordable prices to worldwide customers and to be a world leader in development of modern diagnostic technologies and devices for disease diagnosis. NANOD, Inc. has been engaging in research, development, manufacture and marketing of diagnostic products and technologies for detection of pathogens and diagnosis of diseases. At NANOD, Inc., we believe in diagnostics, and in making contributions to our diagnostic communities and thus to disease control and managements in the world.
Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) provides world-class genetics research solutions to leading clinical and academic research institutions. The Group''s CytoSure™, Cytocell® and Genefficiency™ range of microarray, FISH and next generation sequencing products and services deliver high-quality, high-throughput genetic analysis, enabling accurate identification of the causative variation underlying genetic disease.
Progenika Biopharma S.A., a pioneer in the field of Personalized Medicine, since its foundation in 2000, has been constantly innovating using the latest technologies. Our main objective is the development, production and commercialization of tools for the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases and for predicting response to drug treatment. Progenika has made substantial investments in the development of our own technologies for the production of DNA based in diagnostic tools and has become a global leader in the area of pharmacogenetics.
ChengDu Seamaty Technology Co., Ltd.Established in 2012, it is dedicated to the development, production and sales of diagnostic equipment and reagents for real-time inspection (POCT). The company has established a standard independent laboratory, introduced the production equipment imported from Japan, passed the ISO 13485:2012 quality management system certification, and the equipment QM system certification. The company has the "Medical Device Manufacturing Enterprise License" issued by the State Food and Drug Administration, and has also obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification. The company has four invention patents and utility model patents with completely independent intellectual property rights. Products are exported to Europe, America, Asia and Africa, and exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.
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