EuroFlow™ - classification of haematological malignancies as well as for evaluation of treatment effectiveness during follow-up

EuroFlow™ is a scientific consortium of Companies and Research groups aiming at the development and standardisation of fast, accurate, and highly sensitive flow cytometry tests for diagnosis and prognostic classification of haematological malignancies as well as for evaluation of treatment effectiveness during follow-up.

The EuroFlow™ consortium is comprised of two small/medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and seventeen diagnostic research groups which are regarded as experts in the fields of flow cytometry and molecular diagnosis.


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EuroFlow™ Consortium was funded by the sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. This program was created by the European Commission in order to support scientific research and development in the European Union.

EuroFlow™ was submitted under the thematic priority “Life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health” and subtopic “Highly sensitive tests for the assessment of haematological malignancies (especially orientated towards the involvement of SMEs)”. The general aim was to help Europe exploit research results and to increase the competitiveness of the European biotechnology industry.

The duration of the EuroFlow™ Project was three years (from the 1st of April 2006 to the 31th of March 2009). EuroFlow™ consortium is still working on new approaches for Minimal Residual Disease in different disorders. More information about the EuroFlow™ consortium can be obtained at

As a result of the fruitful collaboration between Cytognos and EuroFlow™ different papers were published that explain in detail all the process of standardisation and validation of these new approaches.

Cytognos - EuroFlow™ Supporting Company

In this consortium Cytognos took the role of developing and exploiting the research results, that finally consisted on the commercialisation of a group of EuroFlow products:

    • Innovative software - Infinicyt™: for fast and easy integration of multicolour staining results was completed in 2007. This software gives a revolutionary approach to easy handle large datasets and integration of multicolour staining into a single data file. Also, automated pattern recognition of normal, reactive, and aberrant leucocyte populations can be performed.

    • Novel fluorochromes: designed and conjugated with different antibodies to complement EuroFlow™ panels.

    • 8-colour immunostaining screening tubes for fast and easy flow cytometric analysis (LST, ALOT and SST). Cytognos screening tubes include fluorochromes that have been selected to match EuroFlow™ standards in relation to stability, brightness, limited spectral overlap and compensation requirements, etc. Cytognos screening tubes have the following fluorochromes: Pacific Blue (PacB), Orange Cytognos (OC515), FITC, PE, PerCp-Cyanine5.5, PE-Cyanine7, APC and APC-C750. EuroFlow™ antibody panels were developed using antibody combinations that have been carefully adjusted with special combinations of backbone markers and characterisation markers for selecting and characterising the cell populations of interest.

    • Quality Control solutions with 8 colour reagents and new software tools.

EuroFlow™ 8-colour antibody panels and EuroFlow™ standard operating procedure (SOP) have been designed for usage in combination with the Infinicyt™ software for data calculation and efficient data interpretation. Furthermore, Cytognos - EuroFlow™ Supporting Company - has the commitment to disseminate this knowledge as a compromise signed when the consortium was built. Therefore, Cytognos provides qualified support in standardising EuroFlow™ 8-color immunostaining protocols and posterior analysis using Infinicyt™.

You can consult here the EuroFlow™ papers from the Special Leukemia issue (September 2012) : “EuroFlow revolutionises flow cytometric immunophenotyping”.

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